December 03, 2010

While Xtina squeezed into ‘push-up bras, high heels and fishnet stockings,’ Gigandet wore …a cookie box?
Fresh off Christina Aguilera’s saucy song-and-dance number at the American Music Awards on Sunday, many are sweating out the release of her new film, “Burlesque,” which hits theaters Wednesday.

“Burlesque” follows a small-town girl (Aguilera) who journeys to the city looking for her big break but instead finds herself in the sensual world of burlesque. Aguilera makes her feature debut alongside the legendary Cher and a beautiful and talented supporting cast that includes Cam Gigandet, Stanley Tucci, Julianne Hough and Eric Dane.

We recently caught up with the stars of the film, who giggled as they recalled their unique wardrobe racks for the suggestive-yet-sweet musical.

Gigandet joked that, unlike the women in the film who were clad in elaborate bustiers and stockings, his wardrobe included “cookie boxes and pajamas.” (In one very memorable scene, Gigandet parades around with nothing but a Famous Amos box covering his nether regions.) Aguilera lamented that he got off easy: “You didn’t have to do any push-up bras, any high heels, any fishnet stockings.”

Aguilera did reveal a few makeup secrets, however, and reported that Gigandet donned eyeliner for his part as Jack, the love interest to Aguilera’s Ali. Gigandet took it all in stride. “It was fun to be something different,” he said. “Yes, it was. I gotta say, it made my job easier to kind of, you know, step into a different character, into a different world.”

On a side note, Gigandet also commented on how the legion of fans from his stint in the “Twilight” series has followed him, as compared to other roles — particularly as martial-arts champion Ryan McCarthy in 2008’s “Never Back Down.”

“It varies, where I am,” he said, regarding whether he’s still bombarded by Twilighters wherever he goes. “I mean, you know, when I was in New Orleans and Louisiana a few months ago, it was ‘Never Back Down’ that caught everyone’s attention. I know, I love it. But there’s ‘Twilight’ fans all over the world.”

Aguilera noted that, once “Burlesque” hits theaters, it will be Gigandet’s character Jack who will get all the buzz from fans. “Of course,” Gigandet laughed. “Then I’ll be ‘Famous Amos cookies’ for the rest of my life.”

Source: MTV News

December 02, 2010

Hello everyone!
I’m Jen, the new owner of Gigandet Fan! I’ve been a fan of Cam for years and decided I wanted to adopt this site. Within the next two weeks, I’ll be updating the site, so bare with me while I work on the site! I’ll also be working on a theme for the gallery as well as capping Twilight and just updating the gallery in general.

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October 15, 2010

I know that I haven’t updated the site in some time and for that I’m sorry, but I am starting to slowly work on it again and have caps from The Experiment for the time being. This movie was good and had a interesting plot, but it did drag a little for my taste,but I would definitely rent it and check it out.

August 13, 2010

Cam did a interview at MTV News during Comic Con and said that the only thing Twilight and Priest have in common is the vampire storyline.